Higher speeding fines come into force next month

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From April 24th 2017, new rules which will mean offenders could now face fines up to 175% of their weekly income.

Currently the minimum penalty is a £100 and three points whilst the maximum is up to £2500 for motorway offences.

With the new guidelines in force and caught going between 31 and 40mph in a 30mph zone you will get three points and a fine of between 25-75 per cent of your weekly income.

The new system is split into three bands which rate the severity of the offence based on the speed limit.

Band A refers to an offence that is between one and ten mph over the stated limit.

For example a Band A offence in a 20mph zone would be from 21 to 31mph

Band B offence is 11 to 21mph above the stated limit and a Band C offence is 21mph and above.

The starting point for a Band A fine is 50% of your weekly wage.

The starting point for a Band B fine is 100% of your weekly wage.

The starting point for a Band C fine is 150% up to 175% of your weekly wage.